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  • How Gartner defines Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Gartner defines Artificial Intelligence (AI) as “a technology that appears to emulate human performance typically by learning from data, and at times mimicking human-like tasks such as perception, cognitive reasoning, decision-making and natural language […]
  • I explained in a previous blog post about getting more out of your monitoring of the Power Platform canvas app with custom logging. What if these custom measures have thresholds? How do we get notified? How do we get notified? […]
  • I explained in a previous blog post about monitoring your Power Platform canvas application with Azure Application Insights. It is possible to quickly and easily connect the low-code application with Application Insights and get standard insights. What is next? Often, […]
  • How does Gartner define application monitoring? Gartner defines application performance monitoring as monitoring software application’s performance, availability and use. It includes tracking critical performance metrics, recognising and diagnosing performance issues, and taking proactive steps to solve problems before they affect […]
  • What is Power Platform Dataflows? Power Platform Dataflows are a powerful feature that allows users to extract, transform, and load data (ETL) from various sources into central data storage. Just a type of central data storage can be Dataverse or […]
  • In dataverse, a custom multi-table (polymorphic) lookup allows you to create a relationship between multiple tables with a common field. This is similar to a regular multi-table lookup or joins but with the added flexibility of relating to multiple tables […]
  • In some cases, we use Dataverse teams in environments of solutions to provide an easy way to share business objects and let them collaborate with other people across business units. Different teams like owner, access and Azure AD group teams […]
  • When creating Dataverse environment variables in your solution, we can use them seamlessly in Power Automate. More information about Environment variables. Question?How can we use Dataverse environment variables in a canvas app? Solution SetupDataverse Environmental variableIn Dataverse, we have created […]
  • When creating a table in Dataverse, we can add columns with specific data types. Like the date, text, multi lines of text, etc. Idem for a file data type. File data type columns are a primary data type intended to […]
  • Question? Can we sort gallery filtered values on data located in a table connected to the gallery source?ERD table example: Issue. When using the gallery control to display and filter information based on a selection could be sometimes tricky. One […]