When creating Dataverse environment variables in your solution, we can use them seamlessly in Power Automate. More information about Environment variables.

How can we use Dataverse environment variables in a canvas app?

Solution Setup
Dataverse Environmental variable
In Dataverse, we have created an environment variable. In this example, we create an environment variable to store the environment URL. Environment variables or very useful when deploying the solution between development, test and production environments where the environment URL is different.  

In this example, the environment URL – environment variable is used in the canvas app to create a download link. How can we get the value in the canvas app? Go to “data”, click “Add data,” and search for environment Variables Values.

It will add a second table, “Environment Variable Definitions”.

Getting value from an environment variable values table can be done like this:

            'Environment Variable Values',
            'Environment Variable Definition'.'Schema Name' = "ppd_environmenturl",

The schema name is available in the properties of the item. It is a way to use environment variable values in your canvas app. If you like this blog. Please give me a dumbs up or share the blog.

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