Automated copy task from one Plan in MS Planner, to another.

Intro Getting into planner for managing the work of your teams, but you are lost in the total overview! Centralize the planning of your teams by creating them in an automated way toward a plan that will contain all teams. Need more information about Microsoft Planner: LINK Take the chaos out of teamwork and getContinue reading “Automated copy task from one Plan in MS Planner, to another.”

From Forms to Power BI and the glue is MS Flow.

Intro In the coming days I have a meeting with technical people about PowerShell and would like to start with a survey to get an idea of the knowledge about PowerShell of the people in the room. Putting hands in the air is old school … No? “Work Less, Do More” How-To? Creating a MicrosoftContinue reading “From Forms to Power BI and the glue is MS Flow.”

Data Operations – Compose: Format Date and Time

Intro What is the definition of Compose action with Microsoft Flow? Use the Data Operations – Compose action to save yourself from entering identical data multiple times when you’re designing a flow. What does this mean in practice? You can shape the data that has been generated by an above action, by using an expressionContinue reading “Data Operations – Compose: Format Date and Time”