In the coming days I have a meeting with technical people about PowerShell and would like to start with a survey to get an idea of the knowledge about PowerShell of the people in the room. Putting hands in the air is old school … No?

Work Less, Do More”


Creating a Microsoft Forms – Survey about Microsoft PowerShell (as an example)

So, let’s start to create a Forms in Office 365. It’s easy to create one.

More information about Microsoft Forms, can be found here:


Now we will create a Flow that will be triggered when a Forms response has been submitted. The Flow will collect the information and will display the results live in Power BI.

How do we do this?

Step by Step, I will carefully explain what you need to do, so that you can build your own and blow away your boss. First we will open a blank MS Flow and add a trigger for Microsoft Forms. Search for Microsoft Forms and click icon as shown below in picture.flow03-02

Select the trigger [When a new respond is submitted]flow03-03

Select the Forms that you have just created, in this example we us the “Microsoft PowerShell”- Forms.flow03-04

We can also rename the trigger to a more suitable name, using the three dots.

Select and click [Rename]

Add your next step in the Flow.

Search for [Apply to each], this means that when multiple response are send at the same time we can collect the information of these responses.

Select [Apply to each]

flow03-09Dynamic content will be pop-up after selecting Apply to each, this will refer to previous steps into your MS Flow. In this example the dynamic content will reflect towards the “PowerShell Survey”. Select the option [List of response notifications]

In the next step we need to collect the information from the list. Click [Add an action]
Search for an action for Microsoft Forms
We need the details of the responses, so select [Get response details]


Select for the following fields:

  • Form Id: The id of the Form (Example: Microsoft PowerShell)
  • Response Id: Get the Response Id in the dynamic content list of the PowerShell Survey.

Next step we will put the data in a data set of Power BI. Click [Add an action]. Search for data set and select [Add rows to a dataset]

But first before we continue we need to create a streaming data set in Power BI.
Click [Skip]

Select [Streaming dataset]

Select [API] and click [Next]. Give a name to the new data set and enter the questions from the PowerShell Survey.
Click [Create]

Click [Done]. Check the data set in data sets
Now we can proceed with the Flow and add the new created data set. Select the work space where the data set has been created and select the data set name. Select [RealTimeData] for the table.
In the next step we will send a survey reply to the person, that has filled in the survey. Click [Add an action]
Save the Flow.
When we go back to Power BI, that will display the necessary results.


This can be done by creating a report based on the created data set in Power BI.

Hope you enjoying creating Forms and Power BI reports.

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