I want to talk about this experimental feature, that enables you to understand the result of your formula or/and have the possibility to debug a formula.

Sharing my experience with this feature and let you see where it help me to define my formulas and debugging.

Where to enable the feature?

Open a power app project and click “File” >> “App Settings

Go to power app project, by clicking “Edit
Go to App settings
Select en click “Advanced setting

Go to the experimental features and set the switch to ON.

What is the difference?
Code with no extra variable information

In the code above by selecting “varGalAppsVisible“, nothing will change or gives you information about this variable value.


Feature has been turned on. By selecting “varGalAppsVisible“, you will see the current value of the variable and the result of the IF – statement.

Enabling this feature in power apps helped my in …
  • building complex code/queries
  • checking code/query result direct in the power app designer
  • gives me faster development of code/queries
  • easy and quick troubleshooting

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