I would like to share this Microsoft Flow template with you all. I was used of creating manually to-do items (from an email out of MS Outlook) in a list on the Microsoft To-Do application. But this was really monkey work (Copy/Paste monkey work).

Work Less, Do More”

So, I have created my own Microsoft Flow, to eliminate this manual process. So, what could trigger the flow to-do this job?
One of the requirements was to automatically add email information in the to-do item. For this item, I found an Office 365 Outlook operation trigger that is still in preview.

Operation Trigger: OnFlaggedEmail

When an email is flagged. This operation triggers a flow when an email is flagged.

Adding this operation to the flow, we can set some advanced options:

When an email is flagged

Folder: Email in Inbox and flagged will trigger this Flow
To: I have added my email address, so the email need to be directly address to me. You can also use the [To of CC] item.

Other advanced options can be used, but currently these two options have been set. So the trigger has been configured and will be execute when an email in Inbox, assign too me and has been flagged. The flow will be trigger and started.

As second step of the flow, a to-do item need to be create in a to-do list. Using the Action Add a To-Do from the Microsoft To-do connector center (Connector is still in preview).

add a to-do

Used the following items:
Subject: Add the Subject of the email.
Start Date: Add the received time of the email as the start date for the to-do item.
Body Content Type: Select HTML.
Is reminder On: Yes, the to-do reminder will be activated for this to-do item.
To-Do List: Select the to-do list that was create in Microsoft To-Do. So all new item will be created under this list.

When we look at the complete flow:


The result is that to-do item will be created in the to-do list when email in Outlook has been flagged.

result flow 01

I hope that you have enjoyed this small tutorial.

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